Welcome to RCBob's Swamp Source

This site is dedicated to the hobby of RC Aircraft. I will be developing it over time to include videos, pictures, white papers, links, and software that are involved in our hobby. Send me an email if you have ideas that could make the site better. We will be under construction for a while until I get caught up with all of this web development. If you have any comments please feel free to email me at info@rcbob.com.

Last Updated November 10th, 2003.

04/06/2002 - Romp in the Swamp 2002. Pictures.

05/03/2002 - Mayday Heli Fun-Fly 2002. Videos and Pictures.

06/28/2002 - Warbirds Over Louisiana 2002. Pictures.

11/3/2002 - Fall Fest Heli Fun-Fly 2002. Pictures.

11/10/2003 - Fall Fest Heli Fun-Fly 2003. Videos and Pictures.