The following are pictures and videos of the L.A.R.K.S Mayday Heli-FunFly 2002 held in Sulphur, Louisiana on May 4,5, and 6th of 2002. Over 90 pilots registered for the three day event. This Flyin represents one of four events occuring in 2002 at the L.A.R.K.S field. The event starred Curtis Youngblood a three time World Champion RC Helicopter Pilot. The demonstrations put on by Curtis were, to say the least, amazing. I was privileged enough to have the opportunity to video tape several of Curtis's flights.  Be sure to check them out. I think you will be amazed. The only thing better than seeing these events on tape, is actually being there. I will be adding more video as time permits so comeback and check often.
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Lake Area Radio Kontrol Society


Photo Gallery of the Event


Curtis Youngblood on Sunday.

Mayday Heli-Fun Fly 2002